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Our Mission Statement

St. Jude's Religious Home Delivery is dedicated to promoting the spiritual growth and education by providing quality hand-delivered Catholic products in line with the Laws, Teachings, Doctrines, and Traditions of the Catholic Church. Although St. Jude's Religious Home Delivery is NOT a nonprofit, profit is not our main concern. Our main concern is the spiritual growth of our customers and employees through the products we sell, promote, &/ endorse.

Our Patron Saint & Logo

St. Jude is the Patron Saint for Desperate Causes. -- Our Logo tries to show this.  -- He is often pictured with a medal of the Profile Face of Jesus because he was Jesus's cousin. So, in our Logo, it is St. Jude's left hand holding up this medal. The hand & arm you see at side of the medal reaching down is St. Jude's right hand, reaching down to grab the person in need & lift him/her up from the desperate situation they find themselves battling.


The logo is a simple pencil sketch with NO COLOR and will therefore take on the background color of the paper to represent the fact that ALL people are in need of prayers & have desperate situations that Heaven will help with if we only take the time to ask for it.


It was drawn by my Mother, Joanne Marie. (Thanks, Mom.)


St. Jude.... Pray for us, we are so helpless & alone. Amen.


THE LONGER VERSION TRUE MIRACLE STORY OF "RAIN" FROM HEAVEN COMING SOON! -- For now, I am copying & pasting part of a cleaned up email I sent to an internet friend in Christ of mine about the miracle. -- At the time I sent the email, I knew only half of the Miracle God worked -- not the "Rain" part. Here's the copy & pasted email:

"Babushka! --
I must tell you! I went to get my business's patron St. statue blessed Sunday after our Latin Mass by our Pastor who says the Extra-Ordinary form of the Latin Rite (aka a Latin Mass under the Pope & local bishop) & who we will be losing to another church parish in June :0( & God is wonderful. -- I brought a bottle of old Epiphany Water that was so empty that it had all residue in it, but I figured I really wanted it blessed with Epiphany Water & God knew my intent even if NO Water landed on the statue & He would bless it appropriately. -- Well, Mons. blessed it with the empty Water bottle & it would have poured out of bottle if it was full, but instead I saw NOTHING -- NOT EVEN A DROP -- come out of it. -- But later in the day, it had been miraculously fill up! -- I kid you not! -- Later today at the CCD party, I'm going to tell Mons. about this wonderful event that worked (unknowing to him) though God's hand & his!

-- As St. Raphael said in Tobias12:7, "it is... honorable to reveal & confess the works of God." -- Isn't God awesome?!"


About 2 weeks later, when I was having a discussion with my oldest child who is only 6, I was shocked because I found out the he WITNESSED God filling up the bottle! -- He had described it as "raining inside" at the time that he witnessed it & I remember fussing him in the lobby of the Church after Mons. blessed it when I was packing it away to leave the Church because he was insisting that "God was making it rain inside” and it was bright and sunny day. -- In hind sight, I realized that what he meant was that he was seeing drops of water falling from the top-inside cap down into the bottle until it was full!


For those of you that do not know, Epiphany Water is an East-Rite Catholic tradition in which Water is Blessed on/at the feast of the Epiphany. -- They also Bless their homes. -- I'm sure I don't have ALL the detail 100% right on the tradition, but I do know that I have at least some of the Epiphany Prayers somewhere & when I find them, I will post them somewhere on this site & pictures of the blessed statue & bottle of the Miracle Epiphany Water.


God Bless y'all.

With Love in Christ,

Paulette Grace

Founder/Owner of St. Jude's Religious Home Delivery, LLC


UPDATE: I have not found the Epiphany Prayers yet, but I do have the pictures of the blessed statue & the Miracle Epiphany Water in an album in the photo tab link with the title, "Miracle Epiphany Water Photos" at the bottom. -- Thank you for your patience. :o)